The return of Shad Lewis


April Mewhinney

Julia Mewhinney, Carson and Emma Roithmayr show support by attending the welcoming of Shad Lewis parade in Delta, Colorado

As we all know, in November of 2019 Shad Lewis was in a tragic car accident. After months of recovering, he is making great progress every day and continues to inspire everyone. 


Everyone posting and sharing the welcoming of Shad Lewis and his family returning to his home brings lots of joy and support around the community. 


A drive by parade for Shad was held Saturday, April 18 at 1:00. Everybody who wanted to participate was welcome. Participants met at the forest service parking lot and slowly started heading up by the Lewis residence and finished at Delta High School. 


Shad and his family sat on their porch while everyone else waved, honked, and showed love that brought lots of emotion that day. 


“I was super excited so many people showed up, I was nervous that the turnout wouldn’t be that great because of the pandemic. But I was happy to see so many people, it was just great to see the community pull together for Shad like that” said Carson Roithmayr.


Family and friends, including several law enforcement, fire truck, and other emergency vehicles from the community showed and will continue showing love and support to the Lewis family.