Decorations Up


As the moon shines bright at night, it is lit with colorful Christmas lights to take away the darkness.

Aylin Bayles

As we drive around our community, we notice all of the beautiful Christmas lights. Is it because we are ready for this year to be over, or we find the joy in the extravagant decorations which is something we need throughout the community? 

Lea Ann Dickerson is a member of the community who believes that Christmas is a great time to get into a joyful mood. Dickerson has not hung up her lights, but is really looking forward to Christmas because “everyone is so caring.”

“I love Christmas cards; you can take the time to get into contact with those who are long distance,” said Dickerson. “I think they [Delta community] pushed Thanksgiving off too early, lights wouldn’t usually have been turned on until after Thanksgiving; however, it’s such a weird year for everyone.”

Baylee Wilson is a student at Delta High School who has had her Christmas lights and decorations up before Thanksgiving. Wilson has always loved spending time with family during the holidays.

Wilson reflected on her Christmas decorations and said “I feel like it was good for people throughout the community.”

 “We just had free time for once,” said Wilson.

Vicie Dalisle is a staff member at Delta High School who celebrates Christmas all throughout December. She loves Christmas because everyone comes together to spend time with family. 

“Christmas inspires me to appreciate all the blessings which I have not only at this time of year but all year long,” said Delisle. “I enjoy every part about Christmas…”

“I celebrate Christmas throughout the entire month of December because I only have a few Christmas memories, and no traditions, from my childhood. Because of that, I wanted to make sure that my five daughters had lots of fond Christmas memories and traditions that they could pass on to their families,” said Delisle.

For those who are upset as they spend Christmas alone from this crazy year, go out into the community and look for lights. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!