Astrophysics, the unseen world


Mr. Magtutu teaches from the words of his favorite scientist, Albert Einstein.

Delta High School is the only high school in the country that offers an Astrophysics class, at least that’s what Mr. Magtutu says. 

Astrophysics is a class taught by Magtutu.

Magtutu opens the eyes and minds of students and makes them think about the world around them. 

“Sometimes the simplest questions are the hardest to answer,” Magtutu said. The class has students asking simple questions like,” What is light?” What is time?” and “ What is space?” 

“The class makes me think a lot deeper about things I would just look over,” said Jarrin Crandall. 

“Mr. Magtutu taught me after we learn about something we should leave with more questions?” Bradyn Carver. 

The end goal of Astrophysics class is to leave with more questions than what you started with. Magtutu encourages students to really look at the world around you and ask,”Why?” “Why is the world like this?” and “Why is it true?”