DHS teachers are aware of Instagram’s new “expose” trend
Travis Cantonwine, Editor-in-chief • December 2, 2021

Teachers across DHS have been acknowledging the newest social media trend for students this week. These trends involve students who make instagram accounts and post submitted...

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Parade of lights
Ada Bermudez , Staff Writer • December 3, 2021

This year the parade of lights is back on December 3 and is going to be better than ever. The parade of lights isn’t a simple parade to Delta because small business owners...

All of the FFA kids who attended the National Convention at a goldfish farm. The students all enjoyed it. The fish farm was really cool, said Bailey Martinez.
Photo credit: Kendal Bradley
Delta High School attends the National FFA Convention
Sydnie Atchley and Juliana Stagner November 19, 2021

  The National FFA Convention is the biggest in-school youth convention. 33 attendees from 18 states took part in the very first convention in 1928, and since then...

Eternals: an astounding, jaw dropping experience
Eternals: an astounding, jaw dropping experience
Joel Martinez December 3, 2021

  A cinematic universe where heroes and villains are constantly going head to head, Eternals is a phenomenal story starting in the Marvel Cinematic Universe,...

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This little Christmas tree was inspired by Pinterest. The idea behind it is to make a new tradition at the holidays. Just to leave an empty chair for a loved one who has died.
Dealing with the Holidays
Linda Hayner, Sports Editor • December 1, 2021

Being together with family is a key factor within the holidays. That makes it difficult for surviving family members grieving the loss of a loved one....

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Common Injuries in Football by Position
Gavin McCurdy, Sports Editor • December 3, 2021

It isn’t a secret that football has health risks. According to Central Florida Bone & Joint Institution 0.5 percent of High School football players get injured. It’s...

 Delta celebrates win against Moffat County by winning a close game of 17-14. Credit: Photo taken by Steven McCurdy
Small town, big dream
Leeyandel Arias December 1, 2021

Entering the 2021-2022 school year, the Delta High School football team was hopeful to begin the season off with a bang.    The senior starting quarterback Nate...

A protest war [was] on the horizon
June 18, 2021

Note: This  opinion article was submitted on May 20th for prior review due to a new clause in district policy that mandates administrators review anything...

The dysfunction of dress code
Evelyn Gutierrez and Alexis Rundle May 25, 2021

Schools across the country are supposed to be preparing kids for “the real world”. So, my question is: how is putting restrictions on what we wear...

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