Advantages of the Coronavirus

Evelyn Gutierrez, Writer

Although the coronavirus has made a big impact on society, it has also become an unintentional benefit. In Venice, the canals became clearer because there hasn’t been any boat traffic in the waterways, so now you can actually see fish. Also, according to NBC News, in some countries pollution and greenhouse gas emissions dropped, and in China there was a 25% drop in their carbon monoxide emissions. Part of this drop in carbon monoxide in China is because their coal consumption dropped 36% between February 3 and March 1. 

While there has not been any official conclusion about how the coronavirus affects climate change, Christopher Jones, lead developer of the CoolClimate Network, said, “If we can think about how to prepare for climate change like a pandemic, maybe there will be a positive outcome to all of this…” But according to TIMES, “…any sustainable reduction in emissions and pollution will need to happen in a way that doesn’t totally splinter society. And, moreover, they expect that pollution levels will return…”

But being quarantined has its benefits too. According to Benjamin Graves, “I personally have had more time with my family because I am not commuting work and am not seeing many friends.” Also, Ben Magtutu said, “So far the only benefit I have seen is that I haven’t had to wear slacks.”