Seniors, keep your head up

Felipe Bedoy, Writer

     Sadly as a result of COVID-19, American schools are cancelled to keep the virus from spreading and keeping our social distance to stay safe. For the class of 2020, pray for them as they didn’t realize their senior year was coming to an end so soon. After all the hard work playing sports, participation in clubs, etc, seniors will not have another chance representing the Delta High School Panthers.

     Our time as we imagined in our head is not what we planned, but there is still hope and believing we can get through this together. Families, students, and teachers are adapting to our daily changes as we continue to find ways to stay occupied, and safe. We are doing anything in our power the best as possible. 

     Always stay positive and confident by facing your fears, getting creative, and still do what’s assigned online by your teachers because remember: just because we’re not at school doesn’t mean our school year is over. We still have lots to learn and get caught up with, so stay connected with school. Remember to stay calm, listen, be alerted whether that’s with a new assignment or due dates, but keep going. This is a new change for everybody. Make your time memorable and stay healthy.

     Keep your head up Class of 2020 and come together as a powerful group and make the most out of the situation and keep fighting. Help one another, offer support, spend time or reach out to your family or friends, play board games, video games, movies, etc, give them a call, check up on them often, utilize your time wisely to bring ourselves closer together. Our community, state, country, world needs us to believe,bring hope, and joy into our world where it needs us the most. This year may not be the best or what we imagined, but our future holds something special.