Coronavirus affects teen jobs

Tayler Huntley, Editor In Chief

Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic businesses and employees throughout the United States that are not considered essential have lost their jobs for the time being in order to slow down the spread of the Coronavirus. Some businesses that are considered essential are healthcare, grocery stores, food chains, farmers and law enforcement. 

The loss of jobs isn’t just affecting the older generations, it’s affecting teens as well. Some of Delta High School’s students have lost jobs and here is their outlook on the coronavirus and how it’s affecting them.

 Junior Autumn Eddy was employed at Bill Heddles Rec Center “I think it’s blown out of proportion. Some of the precautions that have been put into place, I suppose are good. And the whole job thing is: it’s hard to get money to pay for gas, and to eat sometimes, but it’s inconvenient considering I’m stuck at home and I have nothing to do to stay productive.”

Here is the outlook on Delta High School Students who are considered “essential” employees and currently still are able to work. 

Junior Arianna Nelson, “I think the Coronavirus is a pretty big deal and people should be taking precaution especially if they are elderly, and the people that are losing their jobs I feel extremely bad for.” Also, “Since I’m still working it’s been weird because we have to be very cautious and like at the sale we keep having people complaining that it’s not necessary, but I’m lucky to be working so I can pay for things like my truck and phone.” 

Junior Hannah Sterns currently working at Papa Murphys,  “My outlook on the Coronavirus is it’s good to take it serious but not to the point where the world is going to end. I’m very fortunate to have my job still and I’m happy we can serve the community.”