Get outside It’s not illegal

Elena Hancock, Social Media Instagram Editor

You have all heard about the law that the state of Colorado has the “stay- at- home order,” but do you really need to stay “at home?” 

  The article, COVID-19 Update: Polis Issues Colorado Stay-at-Home Order written by Michael Roberts states, “The policy allows individuals to leave their home to obtain food and household necessities, travel to and from work if they’re an essential employee, get medical attention, and care for dependents, pets and vulnerable people in other locations.”

  So what about getting out and getting some fresh air? You can’t just sit at home for two weeks. What are some things you can do to get out of the house but still able to keep social distancing? Here are some tips to help beat cabin fever.

  If you have a vehicle, go for a drive or go fishing. It’s not illegal to get out and go to the river or pack lunch and go have a picnic with your family. Delta County is very lucky because we live in a place where we can access things or places very easily and it’s not too far away. Places like Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre, Black Canyon, Gunnison River, ect.

  If it’s a little harder to get around town, just stay at your house. Go have a picnic in your backyard, or do some unfinished yard work. Take a board game out with your siblings or parents. Throw a ball around for your dog. Or simply just go for a walk. 

  What are students doing to get out of the house? Chloe Sanchez says, “I have been doing a lot of hiking.” 

  Morgan Barnard  says, “Ride my bike, take a walk with my dog, and play with my brother.”
  You see we need to get outside, especially in this time. Everyday you should have time to shut off the news, put down your phone and get out. Just be sure to respect other people and keep social distancing.