How can you help

Elena Hancock, Web and Social Media Editor

Times are crazy right now. School and sports are cancelled until the end of the month and businesses are shutting down for we don’t know how long. People are suffering in different ways. It seems like there is no hope right?

  What if there is? All you hear about is the negative stuff going on right now, but have you heard about the good going on in the City of Delta right now? 

  Community members are making masks for piers and their community. Allison Sharpe, a clinical technician at a local doctor’s office said, “The patients and healthcare workers wear them,” continuing with, “the community really helped them pull through the crisis.”

  Churches have come together to help businesses and locals. A few members from Grace Delta Community Church spent their Saturday morning bagging potatoes and beans in a brown paper sack with a note letting people know they are praying for them. Grace went door to door distributing the bags to neighborhoods.

 Sharon Kasten, one of the receivers of said, “I think it was really awesome, I paid my beans forward. It was totally a shock but a good wonderful shock.”

Alicia Hancock commented on her son, “ A elderly lady had Jacob bring the bag to the back door. The lady was very thankful because her husband is a disabled vetren and they can’t get out to get thoses supplies much.”

  How could you help? You don’t need to go as extreme as Grace did, but you could make a small gesture. Help clean the house for your parents. They are going through a hard time too. Put a note on a business front door letting them know that you are thinking about them. Give a family that you know that has little kids a basket of toys or some treats. Give the older couple down the road a batch of cookies. 

  As you can see there is a lot you can do to help somebody. Even if it’s just giving them a smile. Give anything to warm their day.