Expressing one’s self without using words


Humans express themselves in many ways. Whether it’s painting, reading, or playing a sport. People have more time to do these things because of the recent events pertaining to the coronavirus. For Kurtis Nethington, a sophomore at Delta High, dance is his chosen expression. 

 “It’s a way to express how I feel and kind of just get everything out on the floor,” he said. 

He recently decided to do a 30 day dance challenge after showing his aunt his moves one day. Him and his aunt then created a playlist of songs that he could choreograph dances to and post on Instagram, anda.5678.

Some of his favorites that he’s done so far are “This is Me” by The Greatest Showman Cast, and “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston.

Of course, because of the coronavirus outbreak, he has the time to choreograph. But, it can be complicated sometimes to think of what to do. 

“It’s been hard creating a new dance everyday and just trying to think of all of that, but it has definitely helped in the fact that I’ve had time to dance and work on skills,” said Nethington.

 The outbreak has caused his dancing to start improving because of the time he can dedicate to dance.

“I’m hoping to improve my mindset of dance and how much work really needs to go into it to be a professional dancer or be on Broadway someday,”said Nethington.

So, through the coronavirus outbreak, Nethington is going to improve on getting stronger on his technique and the different styles of dance while thinking about what dancing means to him.

“It has meant a lot to me through worshipping God, and my walk with God. It’s like a language. It’s like speaking to someone without actually using words and when you can’t find words and you have to find another way to do it, and for me that’s dance.”