How are we as a community preventing COVID-19?


Nylene Gutierrez, Social Media Snapchat Editor

With everything happening in the United States with the COVID-19 pandemic and quite literally everyone’s lives being changed, Delta Colorado has taken initiative to help prevent COVID-19. 

Delta had started taking precautions at first by telling everyone to make sure to always wash their hands, cover their coughs/sneezes, stop making physical contact, and etc. But this wasn’t enough for everyone’s safety, so they proceeded to postpone all spring sports until further notice. Then, all schools in the Delta County District got shut down on March 16th until April 30th. The effect of this was that students are now taking online classes for school at home. 

Sunshine Wills said,”. . . it depends because . . . there is still a chance we could get sick [due to the fact that} people need to stock up on food. I feel safe knowing that there are not a lot of people around me.”

Restaurants closed for indoor dining, but they are still open for takeout or delivery in order to still make a business. People also started to work at home in order to help prevent it. Since these people are working at home, they are less exposed to others who could give them COVID-19. But they may not have all the necessities for they’re job at home, and they don’t have co-workers right around the corner to ask them questions they have or help they need. Although, technology does help solve this problem.

Rubi Saenz said, “. . . where I work, there’s a big group of people in that facility, and it’s hard to tell if they’ve been around and exposed to someone who’s [tested] positive for the COVID-19 virus. So I do, I feel safer at home.”

Just recently, Wal-Mart shut down one of their entrances, so that way there is only one opened for customers to go through. They are having two employees at the entrance to tell the customers that they must stay at least 6 feet apart from everyone else there. They are also counting the amount of customers they let in, and if they have too many, they will make people stand in line outside for them to wait their turn to go in. Some people even started wearing masks and gloves when they go to the store or anywhere in public to keep themselves safe.