Earth Day at 50

Evelyn Gutierrez, Writer

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated around the world every April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. The first Earth Day began in 1970, making this year its 50th anniversary. Every Earth Day there is a theme. For example, last year it was Protect Our Species, and this year it was Climate Action. This was our theme this year because of how the climate is less polluted because of factories being shut down, due to the coronavirus and the stay-at-home orders, according to CNN.There are many ways to celebrate this day by hiking, running or walking in nature, biking, or simply planting a tree or flowers. 

But Earth Day might also have a more meaningful memory for some people. For example, Vicie Delisle said, “I was a Junior at Boulder City Junior/Senior High School in Boulder City, Nevada, on the first Earth Day. Members of the Student Council wanted to support the event in order to increase public awareness of the world’s environmental problems. By decree of our Student Body President, all students were to walk to school instead of driving their cars or motorcycles…Anyone violating this order, would be ticketed by STUCO…After school I worked at Hoover Dam’s Snack Bar which was about 10 miles away. Not wanting to be late for work, yep, I drove my 1970 VW Fastback, hid it across the street from the school behind the Mormon Church, and was ticketed by BCHS STUCO. The ticket was just a symbol of Shame On You, no consequences! Long story short…Every April 22nd my mind flashes back to that day, bust instead of driving my brand new VW, I drive my Pony!”