Birthday’s during Quarantine

Birthday’s during Quarantine

Nylene Gutierrez, Social Media Snapchat Editor

The definition of a birthday is when people come together to celebrate and give gifts to a person on the anniversary of the day they were born. 

Everyone has a birthday, and they most likely have celebrated it at least once in their whole life time. Most people look forward to their birthday, because it’s one of the only times of the year where everyone or mostly everyone that is important to them can all be together. With each birthday that passes, the older you get and the more memories you’ll be able to make. These memories could possibly be some of your best and unforgettable ones.

But due to COVID-19 and quarantine, a lot of people with birthdays in March and April didn’t get to celebrate their birthday. Some people have gotten drive bys, which is where a group of people that know you drive past your house honking their horns and wishing you a happy birthday. But a lot of people didn’t even get this; instead, they’ve been stuck in quarantine with their immediate family with no friends or any other family to celebrate with. 

Sophomore Andy Barrios had his birthday on April 19, and he said, “It wasn’t a huge change, but it still felt off not having that freedom to go ride bikes with my friends or swimming at the rec. . . I was not a fan.”

On April 22, freshman Ryetta Davis had her birthday, and she also said, “I felt kind of sad I didn’t get to see any of my friends. . . it was different because I didn’t really have a party, I just stayed with my cousins.”