Delta High School will continue to make everybody feel safe and protected

Delta High School will continue to make everybody feel safe and protected

 One security policy that has changed over the years and is currently used is the ALICE program and the alert. The procedure is to move away from the threat when it’s safe. Give the school and anyone more options for protection. Gives decision making power to the people if an incident were to happen. 

     Delta High School is set up so that teachers and students know, depending on where their classrooms are, that’s where they operate/evacuate.

     Delta High has something in the form of a drill whether students are involved or internal drills with staff done once a month. You can help when drills are held by engaging in them and don’t let them be a joke.     

     Sometimes it’s hard because many don’t take them seriously to where it becomes a waste of time.The best way to train at a high school level is secretly nobody knowing. 

     Teachers get trained to focus on how to act or respond to situations rather than trying to get students to take it seriously and do fake drills. They take more of an angle of “train the teacher.” In case anything horrible were to happen they would know what to do. Making teachers confident and comfortable to respond is the goal. 


“I think our schools are pretty safe. Obviously you never want to be the person that says it’s never gonna happen here. But I believe we’re a tight knit community and the teachers and the staff that we have really looked out for people in the building,” said Assistant Principal Rosie Johnson.


Teachers in August went through an actual ALICE scenario training before students returned to school.  


“ I was pretty uncomfortable with that because I already knew what was gonna happen. I mean it’s happened before in the military, you know, we’re always trained to go to the problem and not hide from the problem, and they’re asking us to go hide in the back room and you know I thought ‘okay this is just another, you know, school, little drill’ and I thought ‘no can’t do that.’ It just goes beyond everything I’ve always been taught and trained. And I’m not going to do it, I just couldn’t do it. It  just felt way uncomfortable. So I thought, ‘You know, what would I really do? And I thought to myself “What am I really going to do?’ I’m gonna try to take care of the problem before the problem gets to me,” said First Sergeant Lopez.


 “I think we’re safe here at Delta High School. We’re very aware of threats. I mean we all go through this training, we’re all living in a day when you see bad stuff happening. Anyway I think we’re all aware, and it’s sad that life is like this today. Delta high school, I feel like we’re safe. We have a number of people that just keep their eyes out. We have officer Reese here. We’re pretty savvy about it.” said Mr. Mitchell