Throw away those rumors: Information and updates about Prom 2020


Juniors Autumn Eddy and Zach Hamilton

There are a lot of things that students look forward to their senior year. Senior trip, shirts, slideshow, graduation, etc. But one other thing that these students look forward to is their senior prom. 

Since schools have been closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there have been several questions and rumors going around. When will prom be? Are we even having a prom? Is there still prom royalty?

Prom is not a priority at the moment; there are other things that are more important such as graduation for all seniors. There are possibilities of there being a summer prom; however, the outcome of this is unlikely because of the unknowingness Covid-19 has brought to the world. 

Even with the great possibility of not having a prom, Delta High School’s student council wanted to keep as much of the tradition alive as possible. Virtual dress up days were held April 15 through 17 and a Virtual Grand March was held on April 18, through Instagram, to give an opportunity to those who wanted to dress up and still celebrate. They also allowed the student body to vote for their 2020 Prom Royalty. After voting was closed, they announced royalty on Saturday April 18:


2020 Prom Prince- Nolan Bynum

2020 Prom Princess- Jessica Dexter 

2020 Prom King- Shad Lewis

2020 Prom Queen- Remi Baldwin

*All information was acquired from a zoom meeting held by Delta Student Council