Delta High School in Route for a Vehicle Themed Graduation

What a year! For seniors by the way. What’s going on right now is a tragedy. Loved ones are gone, people are feeling more isolated every day, and now parents can’t scream and cheer for when their kid gets called to the stage. These are desperate times. Delta High School has now confirmed that they will commerce with a vehicle-based ceremony on the regular scheduled graduation date. With State and County regulations, Delta High School will have a drive-through ceremony. The event will take place on May 17 beginning at 4 pm. Although, graduates are allowed one vehicle with a maximum of six people. With a drive-through ceremony, teachers are planning to inform guests to enter the southeast gate in the east parking lot where they will be lined up as they arrive. All other entrances in the campus will be closed as only graduates and their and their five guests in one vehicle will be allowed on campus. Each vehicle will be guided by DHS/DCSD personnel through the bus lane to approach the stage set up at the front of the school. As students are called, the graduate will exit the vehicle and be announced at the right side of the stage, and then walk across the stage where they will receive their diploma. Graduates are informed to move their tassel from right to left, exit the stage, and have a photo opportunity with their guests at the bottom of the stairs on the left side of the stage. Even though we’ll be staying in our vehicles, local radio station 103.7 The River will be responsible for airing pre-recorded audio of a performance of the national anthem and the salutatorian, valedictorian, and commencement address during the ceremony. A professional production company will video the entire ceremony with each graduate’s announcement and walk across the stage. Pre-recorded video presentations of the national anthem performance, salutatorian, valedictorian, and commencement speeches will be edited into the video and it will then upload to the DHS website and Facebook page to be available for graduates, their guests, and all unable to attend. It’s a sad time right now. Especially during a time where high schoolers walked out of that high school for the last time and didn’t even realize it. It’s a time where teachers should encourage parents to be there for their kids during these times of crisis.