A troubling end to the season:

Nolan Bynum’s senior season comes to a close


Photo Credit: Danielle Bynum

Pain. Nolan Bynam sits on the bench due to a “painful, trashy hit to his knee”. After the second quarter, Nate Sharnhorst had to take over as lead QB and lead the team to victory, the end score being 28-10. “With any injury, you just hope that the player’s okay. By the time I got out there I knew it was probably a pretty serious injury, so you just feel bad for him because he’s a senior and doesn’t get to finish his season,” said Coach Ben Johnson.

Alexis Rundle, Writer

Nolan Bynum suffered a direct hit to the knee during the homecoming football game that left Delta fans wondering how the rest of the season would play out. Even through this uncertainty, Coach Ben Johnson remains optimistic in Nate Scharnhorst’s skills as the backup quarterback and in Nolan Bynum’s recovery. 

“Well I think now we get to just have more time to work with Nate, so he’s just going to get better and better each week so that’s a good part about it. He’s a really good athlete.  We will always miss Nolan but you know I think Nate will do a real good job there,” said Johnson.

Most of the team and coaches are sad to see a player hurt, especially one so crucial to the game. Even though the backup QB, Nate Scharnhorst, is getting his chance in the spotlight, he hopes Bynum will have a speedy recovery.

“When Nolan got hurt, my heart sunk because he’s a major part of this team and to see him go down was hard, but after the game I felt awesome knowing I could step up and play that QB position in a big game,” said Scharnhorst. 

For seniors, the last sports seasons of high school can be some of the defining moments of the rest of their lives, and Delta residents are hopeful to see Bynum get to finish his. It’s not looking good for the star QB though, according to Bynum, it looks like this season of his football career is over. Bynum may still be able to move on and play for college. 

“My season is over. I tore my LCL off the bone and post corner interior ligaments. I get surgery next Tuesday and it is a 6-8 month recovery time. It will hurt my recruiting for sure, but I am lucky to have offers to play at the next level. I have a few favorite offers which I will choose from in the upcoming months,” said Bynum. 

Through it all though, the team still had Bynum’s back and they will support him whatever his next step will be. 

“The team responded amazingly. They got a wave of energy and anger, and they really came together. My initial feelings going off the field were that I let my team down. I wouldn’t be able to play with my lifelong friends ever again,” said Bynum.