Delta Junior Varsity football undefeated:

Hopeful for the rest of the season


Delta High School Freshman and Junior Varsity football team practices getting ready for pre-game. They only have two more games for this session and won’t go down without a fight.

Jesse Dicamillo and Shieann Wilson

The Delta High School Freshman/ Junior Varsity football team has been undefeated so far this season. On Monday, November 2nd Delta’s Junior Varsity football team won the game against Olathe 51 to 0. 

Esai Carrillo, the team’s running back, said, ¨The team works great together despite the interceptions. They push hard and help each other to their victories.¨ Montrose intercepted the ball multiple times in a game earlier this season.

An injured player on the team gave us some insight as well ¨I think we’ve been working good together and putting good scores up,¨ Rylan Bynum stated. ¨We do need to work on not getting injuries and not fumbling.¨ 

Linebacker Caleb Richman reflected on Monday’s game ¨We’ve been doing really good as a team and I think I’ve done good as a player.¨ In Delta High School we all support each other.

According to Delta’s Freshman/ Junior Varsity coach, Coach Hamm, ¨ You guys have done pretty good, a little sloppy in spots but dominated all three phases of the game.¨ 

Delta High School’s Freshman/ Junior Varsity team has gone undefeated and plans to stay undefeated through their two last games.