COVID cases are rising:

Let’s stay safe


Full of Happiness: Eh Law Soe, Ye Ywet, Lahku, Soe Paw, Ehlaw, and Ehler Say pose for a picture in Saint Paul, Minnesota. This picture was the first picture Saw Toe has been able to take of his nieces and daughters together.

Lah Ku Paw

Everyday or every other day, the number of COVID cases has increased. More and more people are quarantining themselves. It’s been eight month since the COVID-19 hit the U.S.  Actually the very first day the virus was found was in December of 2019, that is why it’s called COVID-19. 

Some people diagnosed with COVID-19 are leaving their own homes in order to protect vulnerable family members. 

Saw Tow is living with his parents but as of right now he decided to go stay at his sister’s house because his parents are people who are at high risk of the virus, so I hope that they are healthy and didn’t get it. But, he is taking good care of himself by distancing himself from them. 

“I’m not too worried about getting the virus because I am taking care of myself and it doesn’t affect me as much as it affects others. I do wish to go out and see my parents, but I don’t want them to catch it, so in order for them to not get it, I have to stay in” said Toe. 

Saw  Toe hasn’t seen the other half of his family since 2010 and somewhere in that year, his family all separated and moved to a different state and now it’s hard to visit one another. This summer before school started, Saw talked to his sister and they were planning to go visit each other, but because of COVID they couldn’t couldn’t make it. Saw was really excited because all of his family would have been reunited. 

However, Saw had a chance to meet two of his nieces. Saw and both of his nieces when he  went on a trip to Minnesota for a volleyball tournament. 

“It was the happiest moment of my life because I haven’t seen my niece in years. I do wish to see her mother, my sister, but I understand she had work, but I’m glad that I got to see my niece. Seeing my niece and my daughter so full of happiness makes me happy” said Toe.  

This summer Saw’s sister’s family is planning to go visit him and it will be the happiest moment because of how long they haven’t seen each other and his family will be reunited.