Stuck At Home: Students and Teachers Quarantined for 14 days due to COVID-19


Quaren-Queen. Math teacher, Danielle Lopez, has been quarantined for the past 14 days and is proud to name herself the queen of the quarantined. This photo has been digitally manipulated.

Aylin Bayles

Last Monday, 75 students at Delta High School were quarantined as well as 4 teachers. During this time they have had to do online school work. This event came into play for the safety of the students here at Delta High School. 

Half of the freshman grade was quarantined because a student got Covid-19 which caused a school-wide alarm. “District nursing staff will consult with Delta County Health Department to determine if the individual must self quarantine for 14 days from the last day of exposure,” according to Delta County Schools “Return to School Plan.”

Brayden Ahlberg is one of the students who have been quarantined. She talks about her struggles with online school and how it has affected her learning. Ahlberg feels like she is “not involved at all” in school or with others.

“It’s way harder to understand my work and ask questions,” said Ahlberg. “I have to do a lot more work than in-person school.”

“For the classes that are in person, I feel like they have a huge advantage because they are actually hands-on learning and have all the supplies to do so,” said Ahberg.

Tucker Johnson had been quarantined and wishes he could be involved in the school through learning and sports. Johnson was active until mandated to quarantine.

“I miss being with my friends a lot and playing football,” said Johnson. “I feel bored and anxious to go back to school.”

Baylee Wilson has truly not felt any difference from being at school or in person. Wilson feels like she still learns a lot and gets more time to do stuff that is beneficial. 

“I feel like I’m pretty active at home just like in school,” said Wilson. “I have learned from home just like I have from school.”

Danielle Lopez is one of the teachers here at Delta High School who was quarantined. She was the “quran-queen” during her time being quarantined. She feels that her time was beneficial for some, while others struggled with her teaching from home. Lopez hopes that she made a difference while at home.

“I feel like the kids would probably have a different opinion, but the kids that really care about school got a lot out of it, while the kids that are marginal, probably fell through the cracks, big time,” said Lopez.

“I have a ton of things to grade and I am organized but overwhelmed,” said Lopez.

Though none of these students or teachers had Covid-19, they were exposed which caused them to be quarantined. They each had their joys and discomforts of at home learning and teaching. Some students believe that it was very beneficial; however, others were very confused.

 “I don’t feel like I learned anything academically just because for me it’s really hard to learn online,” said Alherg.