Clarifying Rumors

Evelyn Gutierrez

Delta High School has been filled with rumors over the past couple of weeks of going back into quarantine. Students have been worrying about going back to remote learning and haven’t had any clarification as to whether or not the school will be in quarantine again. Many students have been put into quarantine due to being exposed to COVID-19 which also sparks many of these rumors.

“I can tell you that we are doing our best to stop that from happening! This is why we are requiring everyone to wear masks, sanitizing, ect. If a school has 5% or more confirmed cases in a 14 day period, there is a possibility that school or the district could go to remote learning. There are different levels for the county. We are currently at the orange level. These different levels could potentially play a role in remote learning as well. Our district RN’s work very hard to monitor numbers of students that are out sick within the district, new COVID-19 related data and work very closely with the health dept. So we as a district can do everything we can to help keep students doing in person learning. Also the governor plays a role in this as well. If he mandates that schools across Colorado do remote learning, we would have to follow that. That being said, he has stated several times that he wants to keep students doing in-person learning,” said Emily Brown, Delta High School’s school nurse. 

With the possibilities of students going into remote learning, Brown also said, “If we were to go to remote learning, I think the possibility of returning to in-person learning would depend on the level that our county is at, the governor and our school district as a whole. I assure you that our school district is doing everything we can to remain in person. I also think that students and staff are doing a great job of following the policies in place so we can continue to do in-person learning.”

Sophomore Ada Bermudez believes in-person school won’t last. “From my point of view there have been a lot more cases here in Delta and since we all go to school together, we’re already in contact there is no way they could handle an outbreak if another happened.”