You’ve been elfed


Shieann Wilson, Writer

Delta High School student council and the kindness club came together with Mrs.Hill and Mrs. Magtutu to brighten up students during finals and Christmas time by making little gifts and attaching a slip of paper saying ¨YOU’VE BEEN ELFED.¨ This tradition is a great way to show appreciation around the school. Mrs. Magtutu was donated Christmas masks, and that’s what the original gift was. 24 hours after you are elfed, you are told to elf someone else with anything of your choice. ¨It’s a great way to spread cheer¨ said Mrs. Hill.
Anyone can be elfed. You don’t have to do it, but it’s a great way to connect with people and make someone’s day. Mrs. Brason was elfed Tuesday morning by one of her students, she said ¨I felt blessed and with everything going on with Covid-19 and the stress of finals it lifted my spirits.¨ This year has been tough on many people.
Mr. Thomas was elfed a candle by a student in a cute little bag when asked how he felt he said ¨It feels good to be appreciated, and it made my day.¨ Mr. Thomas tries to help and cheer everyone up and even on hard days he keeps a smile on his face.
Mrs. Lopez was also elfed she had received sparkling cider, ¨I was excited to see a little gift sitting on my desk when I walked in.¨ She had also elfed a couple of her students on her speech and debate team. Even something little can make a person’s day, so get out there and do your part during this holiday season to cheer up someone.