How one event can change my entire outlook on life


Alexis Rundle, Writer

On Tuesday, I was in a car accident that could have ended my life, or the lives of my best friends. It was a completely normal day, and it’s crazy to think that one change to my schedule could have completely prevented it, or made it so much worse.

 One second, I was turned around looking for someone’s car. Two seconds, I turned back to see a truck speeding towards us and screamed, “Watch out!” That second second went in slow motion. I remember thinking that I was going to die.

 By three seconds, the truck had fully rammed into the front of Paytens car. Everything goes blank after that, up until Payten was yelling for us to get out of the car because it was smoking. Shortly after, the car caught fire. 

A very nice lady from a thrift shop across the street from the wreck came to help us, and she took us into her shop until the cops came. Payten was really amazing and kept a level head throughout the whole thing, and she really helped us stay calm until our parents came. 

This whole experience really helped put some of life into perspective. I could have been dead, or I could have lost my best friends. I don’t want to just walk aimlessly through life, because it could be over at any point. I firmly believe that everyone should try to live everyday, not just go though routines.