Sports for Delta County Schools have been pushed back again

Madyson Hannegrefs, Writer

DHS athletes have again received devastating news about the upcoming sports season. The start of Season B sports has been delayed. The change also affects the starting plan of Season C and D.

 COVID-19  has been increased by a lot and by the looks of it CHASSA wants to stop the spread by pushing the seasons back, but they have no estimated time yet. 

  Wrestling coach  Clayton Curtis said ¨Everything is affected by it right now, and certainly wrestling will be. Of course, we were just told today that we can’t have any tournaments. So we will just be having dules, and so the season keeps getting shorter and shorter.¨

  CHSAA has no idea when Season B will start back up again.

 “At this time, we don’t have enough information about what disease incidence and hospitalization capacity will look like in January, and therefore are unable to make a determination regarding indoor high schools athletics in Season B,” said Jill Hunsaker Rye, Executive Director of CDPHE. 

  ¨I am sad that the season has been delayed because I was looking forward to competing and practicing with my friends,¨ said junior Jillan Carlson.