Is StockYards gonna be ok?

Wyatt Kendall, Writer

 Jerry Roberts the owner of Stockyards has not stopped serving people who walk through the doors. Jerry Roberts ‘the owner of Stockyards’ hasn’t closed her door because of COVID-19.

 “I don’t think we have lost customers, I think we have gained more,” Roberts said. Stockyards is open Monday through Saturday and people fill the place for breakfast or lunch because that is Stockyard’s most busy time.   

“It hasn’t been hard to keep business going because we have Don Suppes,”Roberts said.  Don Suppes and other commissioners have agreed to donate $250,000 to help small businesses during this time. “I haven’t had to let people go because of money,” Roberts said. “I think customers went down because of COVID,”  Destiny Kokes, an employee, said. “We are mostly busy when events are happening around Delta. Christmas is coming around the corner and people might want to eat at Stockyards with family and friends.” “Yeah I would be upset if I lost this job,” Kokes said. Stockyards is still financially stable if they don’t have to let people go because of money. People are always welcome in Stockyards. “I think it’s gonna be ok because of how they handle the COVID thing,” Ruth Mores said, a customer of Stockyards. 

“Stockyards is just hanging steady and anybody who wants to come, comes because they feel comfortable.”