Wish Locker


Sweetest Gift- Juniors Baili Hulet, Oaklee Hughes, Melana McCormick, Mia Yost, and Raelee Mccurdy had fun decorating the wish locker. This year’s theme was a Santa Claus suit.

Lah Ku Paw, Writer

It’s holiday season! DHS Student council created the wish locker in order to give small gifts for students. Students would write down what they wish for and then their wishes will be granted. The student council has done wish locker for years. The holidays are all about giving and STUCO wanted to give back to all of the students who make what they do possible. 

 The purpose of this is to spread love and get the spirits of the students even though this year has been a tough year, maybe there are some students who are having a hard time  and they don’t get anything this holiday. 

Junior, Baili Hulet was the one who did the wish locker this year and helped decorate the locker with some of her friends. Since it’s Christmas spirit, DHS stuco wanted to bring joy and happiness through anyone who is struggling. 

“I love the wish locker. I think it is a great way to get kids in our schools to have a lot of spirit and just bring their day,” said Hulet.

To the next generation, Junior Oaklee Hughes said, “I would love to keep the locker going and try to maintain the cheerful Christmas spirit that the wish locker brings.”

Many of the students had received what they wished for and many are really surprised that they actually got what they wished for. 

Senior Nay Kaw said, “I’m surprised that I got what I wanted. Since this is my first year here, I didn’t know if it would actually work, but I thank the STUCO for doing such a sweetest thing.”