The FFA sells flower arrangements

Wyatt Kendall, Writer

The floriculture team is selling flower arrangements for Valentines at DHS. “This would be our first year selling arrangements for Valentines,” said Baili Hulet.  The FFA has a floriculture team that is going to make the arrangements and Baili Hulet is part of the team and they already have sold 40 arrangements. “I love making arrangements. That’s probably  one of my other favorite things other than leadership in FFA is the floriculture team,” said Hulet. 

“Floriculture is a skill in a job and so it’s great that these ladies are learning a career skill,” said Ms. Hope, a student teacher. “This is the  ladies business so they’re learning business skills. So if they’re gonna make a profit, they’re going to calculate all, like the business expenses and then that’ll be profit for them,” said Hope.

With everything going on like the Key Club selling stuffed animals and people paying others to sing to one another, the FFA floral team is going with the traditional flowers.  “So we’re gonna have roses and some greenery and probability of some babies breath  for the arrangements,” said Joslyn Carpenter, another member of the team. “Half of an arrangement will cost $20 and a full arrangement will cost $40” said Carpenter. “You can talk to one of the girls on the floral team or email Ms. Butterfield and she’ll put you on  the list.” So go get an arrangement for your Valentines date.