Celebrating 100 days


Evelyn Gutierrez and Jesse Dicamillo

Monday February 8 marked 100 days of school for Delta High School. To celebrate this, guidance counselor Holly Crowder setup many fun activities for teachers to do the whole week, and DHS’s student council made posters around the school that said, “Thank you teachers for 100 days!” Crowder also gave out T-shirts for the staff that said, “We Can Do Hard Things.” 

The activities Crowder set up included handing out cookies with a note that said, “You’re One Smart Cookie!” and also a commemorative sticker to celebrate the 100 days of school, and the 100th year of DHS on Monday. Tuesday there was a candy jar guessing game where teachers were able to win a prize for whoever won. Wednesday it was a 100 days of school T-shirt contest. Thursday she had teachers do a fitness challenge that included 100 different movements, and for Friday she set up a raffle for teachers so they can have a chance to win prizes. 

 “I knew the 100th day of school was coming up and I figured what better way to celebrate making it through this school year than to highlight the 100th day. It feels especially important this year. All DHS’s staff have worked exponentially hard to make things work in the midst of a pandemic,” said Crowder. She also states how she feels good about finally hitting 100 days, and that celebrating this is also celebrating making 100 days of in person learning, and she is thankful and proud for all the hard work, dedication, and creativity that’s been put into celebrating 100 days.

“It’s something we should celebrate as a show of unity and overcoming together. It has been hard for everyone. No one will say this year was easy, no matter your age. But rather than focus on the negative and all the things we can’t control this year, I think celebrating 100 days of school is one thing we can look back and say we are doing this, we are not alone, and we will get through this. One hundred days shows how far we’ve come through difficult times, a reminder of our diligence, and hope that we don’t quit when times are hard,” said guidance counselor, Shawna Magtutu. Hitting 100 days of school is a milestone for teachers and students, especially with the many difficulties Delta High School has gone through throughout COVID-19 and getting quarantined this school year.

“One hundred days is a celebration for many students and teachers because it means we are two thirds of the way done with the school year, also it is a celebration of the schools hard work. The persistence to stay on top of one’s assignments and either working, involved in an extracurricular, etc is a difficult challenge, which is why it is important for students to acknowledge all of the hard work they have accomplished in the 100 days. Teachers have to stay just as motivated to grade assignments and produce lesson plans, so it’s also a celebration of their success as well,” said Emma Corbasson.