The leaning tree:

Delta High School


Shieann Wilson, Writer

“This tree in Delta stands out more than most,” said Kaya Wright. The background behind this tree isn’t too exciting. Georgia Forestry says “A tree that leans is because it has grown towards the sun, or a heavy branch at the top leans the tree.” 

Mr. Rieher said “It can possibly be from not being placed right when it was young and from the huge wind storms we have some days.” 

Trees grow towards the sun searching for the best light to help it grow stronger. When a tree isn’t in a place good for growth it starts to chase the sun and after a while develops an arch. Large trees in one day can lift up to 100 gallons of water out of the ground and discharge it into the air. “The worry of the tree falling over is low but some still worry,” said Adriana Zavala This beautiful tree wasn’t made to lean over; it was just a natural thing that has caught the eyes of many.