Prancing into prom:

DHS students plan for this year’s prom

Nylene Gutierrez and Alexis Rundle

Due to COVID-19, Delta High School juniors and seniors were not able to experience prom in its entirety. The DHS student body has begun to plan prom this year already setting the date for April 17, despite the challenges COVID-19 still brings. 

Typically, prom is hosted indoors, but an inside prom would mean only a small number of students could attend if the school follows the COVID-19 safety guidelines. So instead, this year they plan on hosting it outside on the football field where they can have a larger party of students. The dance will be inside a wedding tent so that the different regulations can still be enforced. 

The prom committee hasn’t gone through the district regarding anything about the dance as of right now, but as prom gets closer, they will. Even without approval, everything is within the safety regulations for our district. 

The committee has yet to decide on their final theme as well as decorations that could potentially go with it. They’re trying to just get the basic plan and layout of what the dance should look like before they even worry about adding any special touches. 

Even though prom will be very different this year, Raelee McCurdy said, “I think that prom and school dances are what you make them to be, so if people show up and make the best out of a difficult situation, it’ll be great.”