A complex sign:

Why was the new marble campus sign installed?


A new sign donated to Delta High School by the Alumni Association sits just outside the main entrance. Students had watched the sign’s construction and development for over a week, but most students indicate that they don’t understand the meaning of the sign, or why it was placed in this location now.

Travis Cantonwine, Writer

 On Thursday last week, a tarped sign was finally revealed as a marble monument of alumnus. During the construction, which had commenced since students came back from February break, it was concealed with a blue tarp that not only sparked mystery throughout the yard, but it sparked curiosity among students and staff.

   “This project started with locally donated raw marble that we cut, shaped, engraved and installed,”  a Facebook post from Morris Monument reads. Morris Monument installed the sign, using raw marble from Colorado Stone Quarries. “I think this will serve many decades and hopefully centuries for the local community!”

   On February 4, 2021, the DHS Alumni Association announced this project, hoping that it would be finished within the month of February. Throughout the month of February, the DHS Alumni Association announced multiple updates with pictures of the progress of the sign. The monument was a collaboration between “nine businesses, 59 different individuals, and 29 different DHS Alumni classes.”

   “Because Delta has dealt with so much youth suicide, we wanted to put a message across that we are all [a] part of something greater than ourselves,” Morris Monument, a local business made of craftsmen that create custom engraved memorials, said. “We decided to take this challenge because [we are a] part of such a great community. When Dwain Bush brought the idea to us, we truly wanted this to happen.”

   Mr. Carlson, the principal of Delta High School worked closely with Dwain Bush, the president of the DHS Alumni Association, in approving and creating the plans for the monument. The message and creation of the sign was only the beginning of their discussions to bring the Delta High School communities together from every class. 

   “It [(the sign idea)] started two years ago,” Carlson said. “[The] DHS Alumni Association is an informal group and they wanted to have something formal at the high school. And DHS alums could look at it and be more apt to contribute [or donate].”

   In recent weeks, the sign had been used as a background for many photos, including the Delta High School speech and debate team’s photo, who had brought home eight national qualifiers and a first place national qualifying tournament sweepstakes reward. The sign can be considered as a sign of community, peace, and pride for the current or upcoming DHS Alums.

   “They wanted to give back,” Shawna Magtutu (freshman and junior counselor) said. “It represents the past, present and future. [It is for] the union of the community. It is to say that we are not just four walls of a high school [building], and [that] we are Delta High School Panthers even after graduation.”