Senior walk


Madyson Hannegrefs, Writer

Congrats! You finally made it to the end; you have finally made it through the four years you never thought would end. You made it through the late night cramming, the endless extracurriculars and so much more that made your high school experience unique.

May 11,2021 you  walk out of your high school hallway for the last time as a student. You finally finish your final test. The last day you ate lunch with your friends around the wobble lunch table. You will return your books, your computer, and say goodbye. 

Then you will open the doors, mixed emotions to finally leave the place we all hated on multiple occasions. Perhaps in this moment you will realize that school will never be the same.

“It (Senior Walk) was the marker that made everything seem a little more solid and it was the event that solidified that I am now out of high school” said Jacob Merriman.

You are now done, and you will never be the same walking in those hallways the way you were for four whole years. You are no longer a student, or upperclassman. Everything changes the moment you walk out through those doors.

Soon you will walk across the stage, accept your diploma and say you did it. At that moment, look around. There are so many people you will never see again. The person you did countless projects with is going across the country and might never come back. 

The friends you spent endless Saturday nights with are leaving too. The people you grew up with, the ones who knew your birthday and favorite subject, won’t surround you. The last dance, test, lunch, game.

“I had been waiting for that moment for a while. I was sad to see it all go and to say goodbye to it all but it was also great too. It was the beginning of something new and a new chapter in my life” said Autumn Eddy.