Hand Turkey Spreading Joy


Mady Hannegrefs and Gaby Huggins

It’s the little things that make your school grateful. In Delta High School, our little thing is that we have a tradition where students give out letters of appreciation on a paper with a turkey hand. 

Junior Kalli Carmical said “Those turkey hands give joy to DHS. I think turkey hands bring acceptance and love throughout the school.” 

Students and teachers at DHS really like to receive kind notes on the turkey hands from their friends or teachers or even by someone they don’t know. “So receiving them just makes everyone happier,” said Carmical. 

Even teachers love the hand turkey tradition. Math teacher Renee Cronenberg said, “I think it’s nice to show gratitude, so I think it’s good to do them.” 

Teachers that receive hand turkey letters usually like to keep them and they remember why they received one. “I think that everyone needs something kind once in a while, so it’s nice to get them,” said Cronenberg. Cronenberg said  the main reason the turkey hands are used is to be thankful and show gratitude towards one’s teachers and peers at Delta High School.  Sometimes even teachers participate in the hand turkey tradition by sending their gratitude to students that stand out to them. 

In these days of business and stressful school days, these small gestures make the biggest difference. Jillian Carlson confirmed that when she receives a turkey, she is  peasantly surprised.” “They’re nice to get from friends; they’re always a good part of your day when you get them,” said Carlson.They don’t only make a student or teacher’s day, they also have a lasting impact and sentimental value to someone’s life. “ It’s nice to look back when you’ve gotten them in [future] years past in high school because you can remember [those] people,” said Carlson.