Parade of lights

Ada Bermudez, Staff Writer

This year the parade of lights is back on December 3 and is going to be better than ever. The parade of lights isn’t a simple parade to Delta because small business owners throughout Delta County create the floats to advertise business. Groups, churches, and certain clubs from Delta High School also participate in creating special themed floats for the parade. 

Delta may be a pretty small town in Colorado, but when it comes to a special occasion or even simply the holidays everyone comes together to celebrate. The city of Delta loves to commemorate anything they can in unique ways, whether it be a new harvest festival, or a parade. Citizens of Delta get together to rejoice the simple factors of life. Although, the past two years have been difficult for everyone.

Last year the world was struck with many problems and conflicts such as the outbreak of Covid-19, the election, and a shortage of supplies. Because of this Delta cancelled the parade. This may seem like a simple setback, but many citizens of Delta look forward to this event all year. It’s a special time once every year Delta can come together and celebrate the joy of the holiday season.

Many citizens of Delta go simply to join the community in celebration of the holidays and see the beauty of the lights on all the floats. But, for children of the community the main excitement is the candy handed out as the floats drive by.

The community of Delta Colorado can come together again after a hard year and enjoy the company of family and friends. Last year may have been a stressful time for everyone but now the community can make up for it by coming together this year.