Fall fashion trends

Ryetta Davis, Web Editor

With the change of weather in the transition from summer to fall, most people also choose to adjust their wardrobe to the temperatures and latest trends. Some of these trends happen every year around this time, but there have been a few new ones that have been popular this year. 

At DHS, trends occur yearly in fall fashion that many students choose to follow and add to. 

Junior at DHS, Autumn Cordell, said that she notices students “wearing flannels and sweaters a lot more often” and she also likes to wear them. Trends like sweaters and flannels are “timeless, they get worn every year,” said Cordell. 

Also a junior at DHS, Easton Baier, explained that he “doesn’t really care about fashion trends,” and it’s less about what’s popular and more about the temperatures for him. “In the summer [he] would never think about wearing jeans or sweatpants, but in the fall [he likes] flannels and more jeans and sweatpants.”

Those timeless trends are more popular throughout the student body, but new trends like “hoodies under flannels or hoodies under jerseys,” according to Baier, are becoming more popular.” No one seemingly starts these trends, but many have seen them on social media and chose to incorporate them into their own wardrobes. Cordell  noticed that these trends have also become increasingly popular, and said that “skirts and dresses have been a lot more popular” likely because of the growing trends on social media. 

             Although many are timeless and worn annually, fall fashion trends at DHS have changed and adapted to the students and their lives, and everyones’ tastes have shown their personalities boldly.