School will start earlier next semester due to bus driver shortage

Travis Cantonwine, Editor-in-Chief

Students will have to arrive a school 15 minutes earlier next semester to fulfill a new bus route schedule, the administration said. To cope with a long-time struggle to hire bus drivers, Delta Schools compromised the bus route.

“We have a massive bus driver shortage [that] we are [struggling] through,” Carlson said. “Currently our Delta area runs three loads. [Next semester] it will be condensed to two loads.”

Other changes to students schedules had to be made. Carlson told the Delta Paw Print that the first warning bell will be at 7:45 a.m. and the class bell will be at 7:50 a.m. The last hour of school will end at 3:00 p.m. after these changes go into effect. Lunch will be reduced back to 40 minutes–going back on the recent change to a 45 minute lunch break. The district made the changes and finalized them at the December school board meeting:

Start                            End

Garnet Mesa Elementary
8:30                           3:45
Lincoln Elementary                         
8:30                           3:45
Delta Middle                                     
7:45                           3:00
Delta High                                       
7:45                           3:00

The busses would have to separate the secondary school students from the elementary school students for a more efficient bus route. “Most school districts do it this way,” Carlson said. “High school and middle school students will be dropped off first, then elementary students.” The district said the model was based off of other school districts as well

This article. will be updated as the Delta Paw Print gets more information.