Supporting small businesses


Gabrielle Huggins and Ryetta Davis

Small towns, although they don’t have all the extensive resources as populous cities, contain so much more. Part of that unique community is small businesses, and events such as Small Business Saturday are vital because they keep people involved in the community.

   The honest charm and sense of community that encapsulates small towns are completely unmatched and very significant. A large part of that feeling of community originates from small businesses. They provide meaningful jobs, help grow the local economy, and create more of a personal customer experience. By providing a variety of job opportunities, small businesses give locals more chances to stay in the local area and even create a better quality of life for the local people by establishing a self-sustaining community by creating more revenue for the city — it also allows that city to put money back into the community. 

    Another vital aspect that small businesses provide is a strong sense of community; they bring people and families together and give a more personal touch to one’s shopping. Small Business Saturday which happened on November 17, proved to be an extremely beneficial way to acknowledge and appreciate small businesses. 

   Mr. Clubb, the local business owner of Clubbs, said “I think as an annual event, it gives a small business a chance to reach out to people who would not otherwise shop at a smaller store.” This illustrates how important events like small business Saturday are and how vital it is to shop local. 

   So this holiday season, if you’re able, stop by locally owned businesses and get the personal experience that comes along with supporting small businesses.