Euphoria: a devastating prepossessing story

Joel Martinez, Social Media Editor

Euphoria is a take on the immense life of high school students. Euphoria, unlike your usual high school movie where the main character is a “nerd” trying to fit in, or a new student trying to have a fresh start, the watcher is thrown into a story about a girl, Rue, who struggles with bipolar disorder, depression, and serious drug addiction. Euphoria was first aired back in June of 2019 captivating its viewers. The show was nominated for numerous awards and received three awards. Euphoria returned for another season.
With its first episode streaming on January 9, it received 2.4 million views across all its platforms. HBO proceeded to say that it’s the strongest digital premiere performance of any episodes on HBO Max since the streaming service launched in May of 2020.
Euphoria season 2 episode 1 was a crazy, intense episode. For it is the very first episode of the season, I’m not surprised it has so much drama. As one of the biggest shows released this year, Euphoria has so much betrayal, anxiety leaving scenes, and just overall so much tension. The first scenes of the season introduce Fez’s past and how he was with a bad dad, then taken from his dad by his drug dealer grandma. Although the situation sounds bad, his grandma was good to him.  The episode later goes on to show Rue in the back seat of Fez’s car to go take care of some business, leading to a nerve-racking scene where Rue is put into a difficult situation with a group of people led by someone she referred to as “Gangster.”
Without saying too much about the show, the episode was really good and I would recommend it to everyone. Yes, it does have a lot of nudity and drug usage, but it shows the good and the bad of drugs. Euphoria shows not only how drugs make one feel good and have a good time but that drugs and addiction don’t just affect a single person, that it affects everyone around them in bad ways and affects a person’s mind in a bad way.