Turning back the clocks

Students and teachers of DHS react to the new bell schedule

Kaya Wright, Staff Writer

DHS has decided to change its daily schedule. 

Some students have said that they like the new schedule because school now ends at three o’clock instead of 3:15. Other students aren’t as much of a fan. Sarah Clark, a sophomore here at DHS, said “I don’t think it really matters as much as the set back in the morning does…three and 3:15 isn’t much of a change to me as waking up at six in the morning so I don’t miss the bus.” Many students have complained about having to wake up so much earlier to catch the bus. 

The teachers have mixed opinions about this schedule change. James Hughes said, “I like the new schedule…I like it because, before the schedule change, students would be outside of my window waiting for the bus for a much longer time period. When they would be here for a long time it would be really hard to concentrate on grading and planning.” 

Although some teachers agree with this new change, some teachers don’t have the same standpoint. Alissa Branson, an English teacher at DHS, said “I hate having to wake up so much earlier…in the mornings it feels too early to be at school.”

Although this is a good thing for some, some people have said that the schedule has made their usual schedule get flipped upside down. Many students are very hungry because of how much later lunch is. The students that used to eat lunch at 11:45 now eat lunch at 12:25. Now, this may not seem like a long time, but it is a fact that people are creatures of habit. This means that we as humans need to have a routine and when students have a scheduled time to eat lunch, the body will get hungry at that time because that is part of the routine. Though, if we keep this routine our bodies will adapt to the new schedule. 

Junior Shieann Wilson said, “I wish I could just go to lunch already…I’ve been starving since third hour. Lunch is way too late.” 

Not only did DHS change their schedule, but elementary schoolers start school later than before. The buses don’t pick the elementary schoolers up from home until after the high schoolers and middle schoolers are dropped off at school. 

“I think that the elementary schoolers should start earlier, and we should start later because they do so much less, and we have a much harder day most of the time,” Sophomore Tegan Whitby said.