Mady Hannegrefs

There have been some problems with speeding at Delta High School recently. Lots of students at DHS have been running late due to the change of school start time. Students like to sleep and due to the recent schedule change at DHS, students have to wake up earlier and get to school.
Recently there have been cops around DHS waiting to catch students speeding. “It’s hard for me because I usually stay up late either doing homework or just thinking,” said a student at DHS. Even if you are running late, it does not mean you should speed because you will get into more trouble.
“I was speeding because I was running late, and so I sped but I was even more late because I was caught” said Alexia Varqure. Speeding also can be very dangerous. You are more likely to lose control of the car and crash it. “I think that if you are running late, then you just let someone know and then make it to the destination safely,” Varqure said.
A fine for speeding in a school zone normally is $50, but if you are going five or nine above it, you will be fined $125, and going 10 to 19 over is a fine of $100 up to $250. Sometimes if it is your first ticket, you could get let off with a warning, but that’s not usually the case in a school zone. You could also lose six points.