COVID’S effect on students’ grades

Kyndahl Duran

When a student is infected with the Covid-19 virus, it causes them to quarantine. During those days in quarantine, school work and learning do not stop and cause some students to fall behind. 

This was the case for me. I recently was forced to quarantine for five days after a positive Covid test. After attending school many fell behind and lost in their classes. Facts Journal, a site that discusses the positive and negative effects on students academically, said that throughout the pandemic, international organizations have raised concern over the pandemic’s negative impact on children’s education, which is expected to affect 1.5 billion learners globally.

Facts Journal also said that the majority of studies compared student performance on standardized measures before and after the spring 2020 school lockdown and found small, significant drops, with a few studies finding greater inequity for students of color, those with a migration background, or those from families with fewer years of formal education.

When being in quarantine students sometimes take this time to have a break which may affect what they remember from the previous weeks. When analyzing the latest research on COVID-19’s impact on academic achievement, it’s vital to avoid putting too much focus on learning loss. Learning loss has been discussed in the news, policy papers, opinion pieces, and research said Facts Journal

According to a article on students suffering during the pandemic, education leaders must make seemingly hard trade-offs between the health dangers of in-person learning and the educational needs of students, which may be best served when children are in their physical schools. With some teachers giving work on only paper, it makes it really hard to do assignments, and when you do come back, getting that whole load in of assignments takes a toll on other classwork.