The Greatest Showman is an outstanding musical

Joel Martinez

   This musical was so amazing and to put it into short words was just overall magical, with great actors, amazing voices, great scenery, and light control. This Musical was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Just hearing the voices of the actors gave me goosebumps all over. This is a play that has to be seen. Sadly the last showing was already shown on February 13, but the cast is already working on another show called Frozen which will be showing 10 shows starting June 10th at the Magical Circle Theater located in Montrose CO. 

      The play was about the Greatest Showman, a movie about a young boy wanting to make a living in the world and to be with his one true love. So years later when he’s older he makes his dreams come true but there were a lot of bumps on the road to get there. The interpretation musical of The Greatest Showman did a great job of keeping order to the original story and the song performances were just amazing. When I asked Emma Wise, one of the actors in the play, about how the journey was for the production of the show she said that it only took them a couple of months to prepare for the show, but they were working super hard.

      “As a dancer, we had multiple practices a week. Some people who were responsible for the greatness of the show are Lisa Rediger who was a wonderful director, and Shannon and Rachelle Rediger who were incredible choreographers. They put so much work into the show, and because of that it ran smoothly.” Their passion and hard work were shown in their amazing performance. My personal favorite was the song “Never Enough” by Loren Allred. The voice of the performer in this part of the show was so magical that it left the crowd speechless. Overall I would give this musical a 5/5.

      The show was done for charity. But they will have more shows in the future to help fund the theater. Emma Wise, the lead role for the Frozen show says, “ I’m truly excited for the next play and I want everyone to go and see it, not only to just support me but to have a great time watching the show” and everyone is invited to see this great show.