All-star weekend


The NBA provides fans with entertainment once a year, like seeing the league’s promising dunkers dunking over people or seeing the great shooters make 10 shots in a row. And to top this all off, they organize a game where the best players from the league play against each other for charity.


This two-day-long weekend is called The All-Star Weekend.  


The All-Star weekend consists of a dunk contest, a three-point contest, a celebrity game, and an all-star game for the finale. 


The dunk contest has four participants, and also has five judges scoring the participants dunks on a scale from six to ten. The players get two dunks in the first round, and two players with the highest combined scores get to advance to the final round. In the final round, the two players will attempt two more dunks and the player with the highest combined score will be crowned the Slam Dunk Champion. And the dunk contest is filled with excitement and thrill, from seeing Michael Jordan dunking from the free-throw line or seeing Aaron Gordan dunking over a 7’5 giant of a man.


The three-point contest has eight players and each player has a minute and ten seconds to shoot 27 shots around the NBA three-point arc and can score a possible total of 40 points without missing a shot. Then the three players with the most made shots move on to the final round and start the same process over, but in the final round, the person with the most shots made will be crowned MTN DEW 3-Point Contest Champion. The person with the most made shots in a three-point contest is Craig Hodges, who made 21/25 shots and also holds the record for 19 consecutive shots without missing.


The main event of All-Star Weekend is the All-Star Game. Fans and executives around the NBA can vote for their favorite players to be in the All-Star Game, but usually the best performing players are voted into the All-Star Game. Then 10 players with the most votes from each division ,Eastern and Western, are then put into a draft in which the two players with the most votes in total can draft a team using the players that were voted in. Then the drafted teams face each other on All-Star Weekend and the game is filled with dunks, deep threes and many more exciting plays that will get basketball fans out of there seats. But after the game is finished, the winning team gets to donate a whooping $750K to the charity of their choice. 


There is also a Celebrity Game played which is a team of hand selected celebrities that play each other in a game of pickup basketball. A few celebrities to name are Kevin Hart, J Cole, Quavo, Chance the Rapper and many more celebrities have played in the Celebrity Game.


Many high schools around the nation have incorporated their own form of an All-Star format into assemblies or fundraisers, but Delta High School could definitely introduce the idea of having their own All-Star event. Junior StucCoember Evelyn Guterriez spoke about how having an event of this sort would affect DHS: “Having a student vs. teacher game would definitely get students excited and pumped, [and also] a dunk contest would be perfect for that school spirit.“


The All-Star Weekend isn’t just about seeing people doing the most out-of-this-world dunks or seeing the best compete against each other, it’s about the basketball community coming together for one weekend and seeing players being themselves and just enjoying the game of basketball without having to worry about winning or pressure from others.