Kanye Comes to Delta


Kanye West is buying Delta High School. Next year DHS will have a new curriculum based on the beliefs of Mr. West. West wants to help small town schools get the education that they need, also make the students become more musically inclined. “I am really sad not to be the principal anymore but I am really excited to see the students grow,” said Derek Carlson, principal at Delta High School. 

Future plans show that DHS will be under construction and will be redoing old classrooms. “ He is also making some changes in the cafeteria,  in partnership with McDondals, Tacobell, and Chick-fil-a to bring more options for students so they don’t have to leave campus and to reduce students paying for gas,” said contractor Phil Johnson. West will be changing up the classroom requirements by teaching them more responsibility that they can apply to real life situations. Instead of standing for the Pledge of Allegiance we will stand for Donda. 

“I think that things in Delta are perfect and should be left alone,” said Terah Wild, teacher and coach at DHS. Residents don’t want this big change at DHS because they grew up at this school and they don’t want the curriculum to change. There are mixed feelings about this change but Kanye is egger nonetheless. “I don’t really care what they think, I know that this will be the best for everyone,” said Kanye West. 

Changes will be determined based on further assessment by Kanye West. “I am really excited to experience this change in DHS, I can’t wait to go to high school,” said 8th grader Jessica Usher. 

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