March Madness

Lee Arias

According to The Charlotte Observer, Yahoo is hosting an event where if you submit a March Madness bracket, the person who has the most accurate bracket will win the Grand Prize: $25,000, plus an MGM Resort vacation package in Las Vegas valued at $10,000. 


So if you’re a college basketball fan, this is the perfect opportunity to make a bracket, but what is March Madness?


March Madness is essentially where the highest ranked teams from around the country are placed into a tournament, March Madness, that hosts a total of 68 teams, and each team must face each other in a single-elimination game fashion. The winner from each game advances to play other winners. There is a total of seven rounds. Eventually only four teams will be left, and they will be considered the “Final Four.” 


The winners of the Final Four will then play against each other, and get the chance to compete and win a national championship for their college. And fun fact, the college that has won the most March Madness tournaments is UCLA, who currently has the record of 11 national championships. 


Although watching college basketball is exciting and is one of the main reasons why people enjoy March Madness, the big awe factor of the tournament is being able to make brackets and predict the winners of March Madness. In fact, many people fill out brackets and try to predict the winners of every game so they could compete against other participants who also made brackets in order to obtain many things like prizes, money, or just bragging rights that you guessed winners of each game correctly. 


But at Delta’s very own Bill Heddles Recreation Center, the rec center hosted a bracket tournament with the community and allowed people to fill out brackets and turn them in. And the person with the most accurate bracket wins a free one-month membership to go to the facility. 


Jonathan Ponce, who works at the front desk at the rec center, talks about why he likes the rec center hosting the bracket competition. “I love how the rec allows people to submit brackets in, and be able to win prizes,” Ponce said. “ And I like that the rec center allows people from the community to compete against each other.”


Not only do people compete against each other across the nation or the Bill Heddles Recreation Center, there are also many teachers and students that make their own brackets at Delta High School. Many teachers, in fact, will put on games during class time and some teachers even make their classes fill brackets out. 


While Delta High  does not host any officially sanctioned March Madness bracket challenge with students. Freshman, Tyson Hughes has already made and submitted two brackets.“Filling out a bracket is already fun enough and it gives you the opportunity to compete with friends and family,” Hughes said. “But if the school did a bracket competition, I feel like it would be very fun and competitive.”


So whether you decide to make a bracket next March Madness or not, March Madness still proves to be one of the most exciting events in all of sports. So if you’re a competitive person, March Madness is the perfect event for you.