A Pretty Friendly Competition for a Great Cause


Kyndahl Duran

Treyton Sandoval, Gus Butler, Timmy Horn, Hunter Goff, Nathan Scharnhorst, and Andy Barrios, Delta High school seniors,  all competed against each other on Thursday, March 17 for the title of “Mr. Panther,” and also to raise money for lunch lady, Aaron Lindsey, and her battle against cancer.

The Mr. Panther contest consisted of many events. First, the students did a runway performance in prom dresses and heels. Next, the contestants ran into the bleachers for a spirit war to see which grade level could donate the most money. They also competed in trivia about the high school and Delta, and when one of them got a question right, they got to hold a puppy. 

  There were also multiple events where the students split into teams. One of them was a “finish the lyrics” contest, then charades. Lastly, a favorite was the skit. Team one, Sandoval, Butler, and Scharnhorst did a skit where Sandoval and Butler competed in a wrestling match and broke into song. With Goff on the drums, Barrios singing, and Horn slow dancing with senior Baili Hulet, team two did a musical number.   

The second-place winner, Butler said, “I wasn’t really disappointed. I thought Treyton deserved to win, he did really good. He saved us there with the finish the lyrics, so I wasn’t too disappointed. I was happy with my placing,” said Butler.

Third place winner, Horn, said, “I wasn’t going into it with a competitive mindset. I was there for fun.”  

For these students, there were many fun activities. The winner of the Mr. Panther contest, Sandoval said, “Probably the walkout was the most fun.” Yet Butler said, “Definitely the skit, it was the most fun.” 

Although there were many fun tasks, the students struggled with some as well. “Our skit was probably the hardest. It didn’t really turn out the way we wanted it to, but we had fun doing it,” said Horn. 

Along with Horn’s claim, Sandoval said, “Probably our skit, we did it last minute, so It was kinda hard to get it down in a day.”

All in all, the assembly was a success and a very enjoyable experience. “Yeah, I did enjoy it. It was really fun, and it was for a good cause,” said Sandoval. 

Horn also said, “Yeah, it was fun. It was a good high school experience.” “Yep, I really enjoyed it. I really encourage the seniors next year to try and embarrass themselves, and it will be really fun,” said Butler.  


Photo Credits: Delta High School Student Council


Seniors, Treyton Sandoval, Gus Butler, Timmy Horn, Hunter Goff, Nathan Scharnhorst, and Andy Barrios compete in the Mr. Panther competition for Aaron Lindsey and her fight against cancer.