AP Tests and Stress

Ada Bermudez

Every school year hundreds of students enroll in AP classes, also known as advanced placement classes. These classes are specifically known to cause stress in students’ everyday lives. The tests are even harder including the mock exams leading up to the actual tests.

Delta High Sschool offers multiple AP classes to students, some being advanced elective classes or advanced main core classes such as like AP Language and Composition, AP Literature, AP Statistics, AP Calculus, and AP U.S history. Students take these AP classes in preparation for college in order to get used to the workload and flow of the teaching style. 

These classes may prepare students for college life, but they can also cause more harm than good. Studies at the University of Wisconsin have shown that students taking AP science classes have increased stress levels and lower grades due to the pressure of the classes. They have also done research that has proved students’ confidence level in their ability to pass a STEM college class has decreased.

AP tests are coming up fast and multiple teachers of these classes have already held their mock exams to prepare their students for the real thing. Nylene Gutierrez, a student taking 4 AP classes, saidys she plans on preparing for the tests by “studying for Calculus and APUSH and maybe even Chemistry.”

Another key factor about AP classes and the stress they cause is because of the amount of work they assignedassignassigned to students. ”Majority of the time it doesn’t affect my everyday life besides having a lot of homework for cCalculus. Calculus and AP U.S. hHistory are usually the only ones I stress about because [they’re]it’s usually the subjects I most struggle with.”