2022 gas prices are reaching a record amount: Why are the gas prices rising?

Sydnie Atchley

It seems every time you drive by the gas pump, gas is more expensive. Well this time, it actually is. The national average for a gallon of gas is four dollars a gallon. This is the highest gas prices have been since 2008. This raises the question, why are you paying so much more for gas? 

After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, oil and gas prices have risen astronomically. President Biden asked for a ban on Russian oil and gas imports. According to CBS News, the U.S. imports 10 percent of their oils from Russia. This ended with a big effect on the larger global oil market.

During the 2020 pandemic, gas prices fell majorly. People questioned the safety of travel and therefore the supply and demand forced gas prices to drop. After Covid-19 restrictions lifted, more people have been out and about. This is also a contributing factor in higher gas prices. The post-pandemic demand for gas explains the slow increase in prices over the past couple years.

Paying too much for gas can be a detriment to people with a large commute for their jobs. Kendal Bradley, a teacher at Delta High School, commutes from Paonia. “We are basically having to change our budget and cut out other spending to account for the extra fuel cost,” said Bradley.

While waiting for gas prices to drop, you can still do little things to save money. Controlling your speed is always an effective way to cut back on gas. Gas apps are also a very useful tool to find the cheapest gas in your area. 

           On apps like GasBuddy, you are able to easily look on your phone and track the nearest gas station with the lowest prices. 

            Some businesses are already prepared for situations like these. Dan Persley, a truck driver, said, “One interesting thing about trucking is what’s called the ‘fuel surcharge’. Most contracts have built in an adjustable cost that is tied to fuel prices.” The thriving businesses that use transportation have made back up plans in order to continue. Although how businesses handle and prepare for these types of situations is a big determination in getting more hired workers. “I was talking with the owner of a small company and was considering switching jobs, but the cost of fuel was hitting him harder so I might not,” said Persley.

The rise in gas prices have clearly had a major effect on transportation. The uprising tiktok trend “Riding a Horse Instead of Wasting Money on Gas”, shows just how far people are willing to go to prevent spending more money. (https://vm.tiktok.com/ZTduCbGnc/)

These videos show people riding their horses around instead of using their car. Does this mean a possibility of a huge change in transportation in the future? If gas prices continue to skyrocket, more people will get creative in their way of transportation and we will be expecting a huge change in our old ways of transit.