Zach Bryan’s American Heartbreak is a definite success

Ryetta Davis, Web editor

 Rising country star Zach Bryan has made himself a large presence in the music industry and has quickly become popular among listeners everywhere. After releasing his last album, Elisabeth, in 2020, he established his place in the industry stronger than ever after the release of American Heartbreak on May 20, 2022 which Spotify and Apple Music reported as the most-streamed country album in a single day in 2022 so far. 

      Bryan’s unique, raw, raspy approach to music has quickly brought him from YouTube videos on an army base to the number one country album this year. So let’s take a look at why American Heartbreak was so successful within the first day of its release. 

      The album overall is a change of pace compared to his older songs. His earlier albums, Deann and Elisabeth, both have a more melancholy and raw tone, compared to American Heartbreak, which is a lot more upbeat and inspiring as a whole. 

      A few songs from the album, like Late July, Something in the Orange, Oklahoma City, Highway Boys, From Austin, and Open the Gate, were released as singles before the rest of the album came out, and offered a taste of what was to come. Something in the Orange, From Austin, and Highway Boys made their way to Bryan’s top five most popular songs before the rest of the album even dropped, so fans were anticipating the new release. 

      The album starts with Something in the Orange and Late July, which both kick off the album with the same tone as his earlier albums. Following the sneak peek is Heavy Eyes, which gives the first new taste of the album. It’s fast paced, intense and upbeat and that sets the vibe for the rest of the songs. 

       The album is broken up again with another section of songs that follow the sound of his older productions. Mine Again begins the section, followed by Happy Instead which is more upbeat, then Right Now the Best and The Outskirts are more similar to songs from Deann and Elisabeth. The album continues on in a pattern like that, offering new, fast, exciting tones then following them with songs that remind fans of his earlier creations. Songs like Cold Damn Vampires, Ninth Cloud, Whiskey Fever, Sober Side of Sorry, High Beams, If She Wants a Cowboy, and No Cure surprised fans with their pace and excitement. Tishomingo, She’s Alright, You Are My Sunshine, Darling, Sun to Me, Billy Stay, The Good I’ll Do, Someday, Poems and Closing Time, Corinthians, Half Grown, ‘68 Fastback, Blue, and Morning Time were all songs that offered the same feeling of his earlier albums, which helped the success of its release by reminding fans why they liked Bryan’s songs in the first place while simultaneously providing a look at his new vibe. 

      The album closes with arguably the saddest release on the album, a poem called This Road I Know. The poem is full of oxymorons such as “I don’t know where I am but I know exactly where I am,” and Bryan’s voice and words make it an emotional way to end the album. 

      The songs of American Heartbreak cover some topics that Bryan has talked about in songs previously, which he has expressed are important topics to him. His mother and wild times when he was younger, as well as young love and life on the highway are all features that appear throughout the album. 

       No matter what genre of music one prefers, American Heartbreak is definitely worth listening to. It is upbeat, emotional, intense, and exciting all at once and has songs that many can relate to. Zach Bryan outdid himself and impressed fans everywhere as listeners continue to play the album on repeat.