The break point

Rachel Young, Staff writer

DHS tennis player, Katie Butler, gets ready to serve the ball against Hotchkiss High.

The Delta High School Girls Tennis Team, with an even number of wins and losses, is headed to the playoffs. With 42 wins and 42 losses, the team still has its highest recorded winning streak. In 2013, the team had a 22.73% winning percentage. In 2014-2016 they averaged in the thirties. 

One of the highlights this season is that of the doubles team  Lauren Angelo and Benedetta Armano, with a record of 10 wins and 2 losses. There are a total of 16 players on the team. Coached by Christina Curtis and Jeanne Hickson, the team’s standing is in good hands.

Janet Martinez, a freshman Tennis player who’s never played before said, “I started playing because tennis looked interesting and I thought it would be a lot of fun. I’ll continue playing because of that.” 

“I enjoy how all the girls are very welcome and supportive no matter what,” said Martinez.

“I do think [tennis] is very competitive and very challenging,” said Martinez. “I think I made an impact because I started late and I had to find my partner and it was an odd number and I became Rebecca’s partner, even though she was partners with Alondra before I got there.” 

Martinez’s partner, Rebecca Gonzalez-Franco, another freshman tennis player, said, “I think my impact was more of like humor, because of the catchphrase-like phrases I would [use].”

Although the catchphrases can’t be listed in this story, Gonzalez-Franco said of the phrases, “It’s just really stupid humor that got them laughing”

Gonzalez-Franco started playing tennis for a separate reason than Martinez, “I really started because I’ve played racquet sports, racquetball, and badminton, etc. And I ended up enjoying tennis a lot. I don’t play a lot of sports on an actual school team so it was also something new.”

Although the team is doing better than it has been within the last two decades, there are still many obstacles that have to be faced, “There [are] some teams that are pretty hard like Durango or Vali, but there are some where it’s pretty easy to beat as long as you find their tactic. Like Glennwood, we played two that day and [won] both,” Gonzalez-Franco said of the hardships she and the team encountered.

Tennis is a sport with many challenges, but it’s not just about how many wins or losses, how many forehands or backhands; it’s about the hard work that goes into making time for each practice, each game, creating a community, and the friendships built with others. Tennis is about the players and each one has a story.